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Can the auto connector industry achieve sustainable growth?

Nov 06,2023

Connector electrical connector. The housing and housing electrical connectors have a rectangular shape and are used to connect threaded components.

LT's proprietary thread locking device ensures stable and reliable connection under vibration or impact conditions. LT can provide detailed accessory information dedicated to the connection status displayed on a laptop computer. LT can evaluate a terminal from the bottom of the housing to the bottom, from structure to material, allowing Deutsch Connect to stabilize at the underbody. LT determines the requirements for communication with on-board hosts and many other vehicle models based on the size of the vehicle interior space.

The basic requirements for high-voltage high-speed connectors C0 in vehicles are increasingly finely delineated for inspection. With the increasing demand in the era of pure electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers now have unique demands for connectors, in addition to traditional hard voltage probes, non magnetic cables, and connectors that require high-power safety extensions.

● Big data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit/s, which is also the standard of USB 31;

The size of the socket end of the type C interface is approximately 83mm × 25mm slim design;

● With the "front and back insertion" function that can be inserted from both sides, it can withstand 10000 times of repeated plugging and unplugging;

● The standard specification connection line of the standby Type-C connector can pass 3A current, and it also supports "USB PD" with USB power supply capability, which can provide up to 100W of power.


Let's recognize that the Type-C connector is not an easy type of USB Type-C connector. It only supports USB data transmission and can provide a normal, safe, and stable power connection. Type-C supports USB standard charging and reporting data transmission. In addition to signs of stricter protocol requirements, it is also more stringent than USB 20 in terms of data transmission and reception for USB 20, USB 31, and USB Type-C. It supports USB standard interfaces, which are not affected by external environments and do not affect external performance.

The USB 31 Type-C has a data transfer rate of 5Gbps, while there are two buttons on the display of the USB 30 or Type-C interface.

The USB 31 Type-C interface has two results: 5V/12V. If the USB-C port size is relatively large or slightly customized for the 25V/5V sales model, it provides a preferred line for the standard PD fast charging standard.

As the male connector of the supporting 7P female seat, the USB 32 TYPE C connector of the company has a strong power supply capability. The USB-C interface solution can not only meet the requirements of the US Navy and US military standards, but also meet the USB data cables of other American friends.

The TYPE C connector has a fast temperature control range and is known as a standard TYPE C, so Huawei should pay attention to it. The unified C-type socket can use TYPE C adhesive, and the shell surface layer is equipped with a high-temperature furnace, which can be directly used in combat.

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