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Nov 07,2023

We have made progress in the design of electrical connectors and big data. The main application areas of standard electrical connectors are.

With the continuous development of industrial technology, our service focus remains on us, and the industry's achievements are our most unique. In particular, in terms of technology, magnetic connectors are mainly used in vehicle chargers, such as charging seats on new energy vehicles. What are the characteristics of magnetic connectors? Below, we will share the working principles of magnetic connectors, represented by other antennas.

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Suction connectors are usually male and female connectors connected through high-precision components (typically 025 inches, but actual operation below inches can easily cause some damage inside the connector). In order to avoid such situations, a large current floating spring is used to compensate for them to avoid torsion and tension, and accurate measurements must be made using double flanges. Later, the advantages of dual flange connectors - with the compression transition of the pipeline, some failures occurred in rubber, engineering plastics, and the ecological environment, resulting in changes in the compression length of the pipeline connector. It can easily be mistaken for the compressed length of a flange connector. Currently, different lengths are cut to a certain proportion, but the rougher area and uniform PVC pipe clamps and external rubber sleeves are restored to their original appearance outside the joint.

The relatively rough area and hardness, such as corrosion on the surface of pipeline joints in oil exploration and offshore operations, can cause cracks in the electroplated tin oil film on the joint surface, seriously affecting the performance of the joint.

The stability between the connector and the protective layer of the tinned end provides a means of electrical guidance for the coupling index. Therefore, when using, it is necessary to first cover the connector in the hole with a fuse, and then pull out the object under test to test for obvious cracks.

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